We handle boating, personal watercraft, jet-ski, wakeboard, water ski, toboggan, water taxi and ferry collisions and Other Accidents.

Special considerations apply to boating and watercraft accidents under Admiralty Law and laws relating to river & coastal navigation. Contractual conditions apply in commercial and transport contexts or if an injury occurs in a private recreational settling, issues pertaining to the “obviousness” of the particular risk, require investigation.

Where a participant has signed a liability waiver, the terms require close examination as do the advertising claims pf the activity provider.

Financial compensation to the extent of another person’s fault or negligence is generally recoverable.  If “fault” can be proved, medical evidence is needed to show a connection between the event and your resulting symptoms.

Injury damages include losses from impaired future earning capacity and your family’s financial distress. Compensation is also payable for care received from family members, past expenses and future anticipated outlays. Our injury payout guide can provide further information.

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