Travel Injury Claim Evaluator

We can help you get a good indication of your prospects of success and potential damages in a compensation claim relating to Travel Injury Claim.

Warnings & Cautions


Accident occurred in QLD, NSW, ACT or W.A. Opposite party entirely at fault. Deficits claimed causally related to injury event. No prior or subsequent injuries affecting symptomatology or capacity.

Assumes male or female worker in the early 30s with good work history and good health.

Compensation depends on many factors all of which cannot be addressed by a tool of this type. For a more accurate estimate calculated according to your specific circumstances, Email now.


Time limits apply. Injuries require medical evaluation. All circumstances require verification. A significant portion of your legal costs is also recoverable in many cases. Statutory benefits (Centrelink, Medicare, WorkCover, public hospitals, DVA, CRS & DEEWR) subject to a refund from proceeds.

This program contains inherent limitations. Results do not reflect your particular circumstances. Results may be affected by a program error. Carter Capner Law only accepts responsibility for compensation advice if you make a specific contact in relation to a specific injury by phone, email or by web enquiry and provide all information requested. Carter Capner Law only accepts responsibility for the protection of your legal rights you accept its written offer for the provision of legal services. The submission of a calculator estimate does not create the relationship of solicitor-client between us.


The time limit for commencing most lawsuits in court is 3 years from the date of the accident. For some aircraft and marine injuries, the period is 2 years. Much shorter time limits for notices etc can apply. Email now if your injury started longer than 2 years and 9 months before today.

Email now to protect your interests.

This tool estimates via the formulation of averages with assumptions and cannot be relied upon in any specific case without lawyer investigation.

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