Community Engagement and Social Advocacy

Our commitment to social advocacy and community support is integral to our legal practice. Our mission is to give a leg up to those in need and are actively involved in doing exactly that not just for our clients, but in the community we serve.

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Values in Action

Civil Justice Advocacy

Carter Capner Law has been at the forefront of the fight for fairness in civil justice outcomes for over thirty years. We are dedicated to protecting and enhancing civil justice outcomes.

Community Engagement

We provide direct support to essential community programs like the YMCA Schools' Breakfast Program and partnering with the Children’s Hospital Foundation. These initiatives also allow our personnel opportunities for community volunteering.

Community Sport

Recognising the vital role of community sports, Carter Capner Law supports local teams like Logan Metro Football Club and Sherwood AFLC. Our support helps the clubs to foster social interaction, inclusiveness, and the development of life long skills.

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