History of Advocacy

History of advocacy for the rights of Queenslanders.

  • 1992
    Campaign for introduction of Freedom of Information
    In workers compensation and in relation to other statutory bodies concerning injury compensation (Qld)
  • 1994
    Founder of Qld branch of APLA (Qld)
  • 1994
    Elected Qld foundation president of APLA
    and foundation national councillor
  • 1994
    Campaign against MAIA (Qld)
  • 1995
    Founded Qld Workers’ Rights Coalition (Qld)
    with Bob Carnegie, Rob Davis, Gary Hammond, Ian Brown, Judy Teitzel
  • 1996
    Campaign against medicare hold on injury compensation
    10% system adopted (Federal)
  • 1995-96
    Campaign leader to defeat Goss Labor Government proposals
    to introduce injury thresholds for Workers Compensation. Wrote and printed campaign leaflet and submissions (Qld)
  • 1996
    Leader of APLA/QWRC “under the Axe” campaign
    to defeat Goss Labor Government proposals to introduce injury thresholds for Workers Compensation. (Qld)
  • 1996
    campaign to preserve common law damages rights for workplace injuires
    from which the current “money or the box” system was implemented. (Qld)
  • 1996
    campaigner with QWRC
    incl Raul Guides, Rob Davis and others against Goss Labor Government in Mudginburra (Townsville) by-election. Campaign saw defeat of Goss labor Government. (Qld)
  • 1996
    co-wrote with Rob Davis APLA submission
    and appeared before Kennedy Commission of enquiry with APLA submission (Qld)
  • 1996
    wrote QWRC critique and lead campaigner
    against Kennedy Commission recomendations (Qld)
  • 1996
    chair, APLA inaugural national annual conference
  • 1996
    lead campaigner against Santoro-Borbidge WorkCover Qld Bill (Qld)
  • 1997
    author APLA code of conduct for members
  • 1997
    successfully lobbied Liz Cunningham to defeat Santoro-Borbidge
    WorkCover Qld Bill provisions regarding injury thresholds for common law claims; journey claims. (Qld)
  • 1997
    co-chair, APLA 2nd annual conference
  • 1998
    co-founder of Civil Justice Foundation (Federal)
  • 1998-99
    National President APLA (now ALA)
  • 1999
    co-founder Tort Reform Institute (Federal)
  • 2002
    founder Insurance Reform Campaign (Federal)
  • 2002
    a lead campaigner against Personal Injuries Proceedings Act and Civil Liability Acts
  • 2002
    campaign against bias in Ipp Review (Federal)
  • 2002
    campaign against Ipp review recommendations (Federal)
  • 2003
    campaigner against Jack Cade laws regarding legal profession (Federal)
  • 2003
    campaigner for adoption of Montréal Convention in Australia for international air carriage (Federal)
  • 2005
    campaigner against censorship
    of personal injury compensation in Queensland
  • 2007
    campaigner for commission of review
    into insurance industry in Australia (Federal)
  • 2008
    Peter Carter (2nd from left) with other former national presidents of the Australian Plaintiff Lawyers’ Association (now ALA)
    From left: Prof. Peter Cashman; Rob Davis; Peter Carter; Tom Goudkamp; Simon Morris; Richard Faulks.
  • 2008
    campaign for immediate ratification
    of Montréal convention in Australia (Federal) (achieved Jan 2009)
  • 2008
    campaign against excessive insurance industry profits
    and call for inquiry into Australian insurance industry (Federal)
  • 2008
    campaigner against censorship
    of personal injury compensation in Queensland
  • 2009-15
    campaign for adoption of Montréal convention
    regime for Australian domestic air passengers
  • 2009-14
    campaign for reform of PAMDA
  • 2010
    observer QWRC campaign against
    amendments to Qld WorkCover
  • 2010
    lead campaigner for reform of Qld Civil Liability Laws
  • 2015
    campaign for application of Australian law and forum
    for Australian citizen personal injury litigation regardless of country of injury (federal)
  • 2018 – 2021
    Campaign for reform of
    law relating to non-pecuniary damages in wrongful death cases
  • 2018 – 2021
    campaign for law reform to require wrong-doers
    pay the legal costs of those they maim or injure

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