No Win. No Fee. Fully Transparent.

Carter Capner has a 80 year history of fighting for the civil justice rights of the people of Queensland.

Giving a leg up is in our DNA.

You can choose the expertise of our industry leading law firm for your compensation recovery action because that’s your right.

And get the benefit of no-win no-fee fees that are only for the work actually done and are highly competitive even with those firms who can’t claim our expertise.

We charge no “uplift” on our fees and no loading on expenses. And our fee structure is entirely transparent because we charge according to a scale, the charge for each item in which is clearly specified.

No Win No Fee Injury Claims

Often referred to as "no-win, no-charge" and "no-win no-pay," our No-win No-fee terms mean that fees and case expenditures are only payable when the claim is successfully finalised (or you are made a reasonable settlement offer that you decline to accept).

With us taking on the financial burden of pursuing your case, you can focus on your recovery and in the meantime on how best to care for your family.

No Win No Fee – why is it important?

Large insurance companies have a huge legal budget and refusing to pay claims is just part of how they do business.

Because they have such economic power, they have been able to persuade government to change the legal system so it works in their favour. As a result, injury compensation claims – since 2002 - been harder to win and the damages that the at-fault party must pay have been diminished.

Legal rights that just 25 years ago we could take for granted - and that citizens of other English-speaking nations still enjoy - have been subverted or abolished altogether.

Carter Capner’s expertise and “No-win-No-fee” terms overcome the disparity between powerful insurance companies on the one hand and ordinary individuals with limited resources on the other.

Can I be left with a legal bill to pay?

There's no need to worry that after legal costs are charged you will be left with a legal bill to pay. Queensland law protects your interests by placing an upper limit on professional fees (including GST) that can be charged to a ' No Win. No Fee.' client.

The 50/50 rule guarantees that any legal fees that you are charged can not exceed half of the sum left after refunds (eg to Medicare, Centrelink etc) and case expenses (barrister fees, medical specialist report fees etc) have been deducted.

This rule often comes into play in claims that have a settlement value of less than $80,000 because insurance companies are protected against having to pay any of the injured person's legal costs if the settlement value is less than that sum. 

What happens if your case is successful?

If your claim results in a payment or an offer of payment to you, costs are calculated according to the work actually performed. These together with expenses incurred are payable out of the claim proceeds.

Some law firms would then charge you an additional uplift fee (also known as a success fee that can be as high as 25% of the professional fees.

Carter Capner Law does not charge any uplift fee or a success fee.

What happens if your case is unsuccessful?

When a “No Win. No Fee.” a lawyer is unable to resolve a claim with a payment or offer of payment to you, then you do not have to pay any legal costs.

More than 93% of our client's disputes are settled at Carter Capner Law without having to go to court. We are very cautious in assessing the likely success of the cases we take on. Put another way, if we take in your case on a no win no fee basis it's because our technical knowledge and legal expertise gives us the confidence to proceed to a winning outcome.

No-Win No-Fee

We take on the financial burden of pursuing your case. You focus on your injury recovery and on how best to care for your family. Pay our scale fees but only if you win.

No extra "Uplift" or success fee. No loading.

We charge no premium for success unlike law firms who add on an extra 25%. Expenses - court fees, doctors etc - are charged at cost.

Transparent fee structure

Our fee structure is entirely transparent because we charge according to an agreed scale where the charge for each type of work is clearly specified.


What is covered by our "No Win No Fee" Injury Claims agreement?

Carter Capner Law offers No Win. No Fee. for most injury compensation cases that it takes on, including:

Road Injuries

Work Injuries

Travel Injuries

Medical Injuries

Public Liability Injuries

Recreational Injuries

Other Injuries

In some cases like medical negligence, we ask our client to meet the case expenses – but in many cases, we still take the financial risk of investing thousands of hours of expert professional work to ensure the claim’s success.

Once you choose Carter Capner Law, we will evaluate your prospects of success and discuss no win no fee terms with you. 

Are you eligible for "No Win No Fee" Injury Claims representation?

Before we ofer No Win. No Fee terms, we need to be sure that:

  • There is legal merit to your claim
  • Your claim has a good prospect of success. A strong case may typically be settled and resolved without the need to go to court which will keep legal costs lower andeliminate the possibility of losing in court.
  • You could not afford to take legal action without no win no fe representation;
  • You are fully aware of the costs ithat apply if the claim is successful.

The greatest advantage of a "No Win. No Fee" agreement  is to ensure that, irrespective of your financial status, you can get justice in the legal system. In compensation cases, there are typically time limits involved and it might not be an option to wait until you can afford to hire a lawyer.

We reserve the right to assess the success prospects of your potential claim. Call or email today for a no-obligation “No Win No Fee” discussion with our expert claims lawyer. A discussion with our experts will help relieve stress and anxiety at an already difficult time for your family.

Time limits that restrict the period in which you may make a claim unfortunately don’t give you the luxury of deferring any action.

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