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Carter Capner Law provides its compensation legal services to a wide range of claimants: from those with disadvantaged backgrounds to those in charge of substantial commercial interests.


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Carter Capner’s compensation expertise

Insurance Payout Compensation

Car and Vehicle Accidents

Sickness & Accident policy claims apply to injuries resulting from car, motorcycle, truck, boat and bicycle accidents. Our Brisbane car accident lawyers can review your injuries and your policy and determine the extent to which you qualify for an insurance payout. You will likely be entitled to medical costs and other expenses as well as a sum determined by the nature and extent of your injury.

Workplace Accidents

Income replacement and TPD policy coverage extends to accidents occurring in the workplace. Negotiating a payment from the insurer for injuries sustained in the workplace is often a difficult process. Carter Capner’s  Brisbane work accident lawyers can guide you through negotiation and if required, litigation to compel payment of the insurance claim for the full amount due to you.

Medical treatment

All healthcare providers are required to meet strict regulatory standards or for clinical oversights and failings, delayed diagnoses, failure to perform medical procedures with appropriate skill, and failure to provide follow ups and referrals.

If you believe your healthcare provider fails to meet acceptable standards, you may lodge a complaint with the Office of Health Ombudsman. The OHO process can also lead to conciliation and offers of compensation. Speak to our  Brisbane medical lawyers today.

Other insurance payouts

Income replacement and sickness & accident policy coverage applies to injuries occurring in most circumstances. Carter Capner can assist you with your claim for your injuries. Go to  Compensation Claims for more information.

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