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Our Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane have extensive expertise and experience in all fields of personal injury compensation representation and litigation. From motor accidents to workplace injuries to medical negligence to aircraft accidents anywhere in Australia and for some accident types, worldwide, our Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane have the answers to all your injury compensation questions.

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What to do if you have been injured on the road, at work, or in a public area?

  • Do you have an injury or suffer distress as a result of a car accident?
  • Have you sustained a work-related accident or injury?
  • What choices do you have if you slip and fall on public or private property?
  • Have you suffered a medical or surgical injury?

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane team can assist. Our terms of service ensure you get the benefit of our decades of knowledge and experience representing injury compensation clients throughout Australia.

Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane – as expert compensation lawyers – represent clients who are seeking compensation for losses caused by negligence or misconduct. Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane is a specialist legal team that will negotiate fair compensation where your injury and loss is caused or contributed to by recklessness or negligence on another person’s part.

Compensation depends on the severity of the injury and its effect on the person’s capacity to earn income. Our service terms ensure every aspect of the accident’s adverse effect on your income earning capacity is fully investigated.

How Does Queensland’s Personal Injury Compensation Work?

You can be hurt in any number of ways, not of your own fault. The two most common forms of accidents that result in harm are motor vehicle accidents and work-related accidents. Accidents also occur in rented premises, public places, entertainment venues, hotels & resorts, hospitals, cruise ships and in aircraft & airports.

In all those places you are owed a duty of care by the driver, occupier, operator, employer, council, doctor or owner to take reasonable care for your safety and they are liable to pay you compensation for the resulting loss if they don’t.

How are your injuries calculated for a personal injury payout?

Prior to calculating the quantum of your claim, or how much compensation your personal injury claim is worth, an assessment of culpability for the accident must be made, as well as if any proportion of contributory negligence applies. It’s also crucial to get all of the documentation you need to back up your claim so you can make correct estimates.

An opinion on quantum can be prepared once the questions of responsibility and contributory negligence have been resolved, as well as the presentation of all requisite evidence. The money you get is referred to as “damages” if you settle your claim or if a court awards you money in your favour.

A quantum opinion will outline the likely low and high ranges of damages you can expect in total compensation. The amount of your claim is computed based on a number of different types of damage, which are shown below. Calculations are complicated, and they are based on the facts and circumstances of your specific personal injury case.

Every personal injury claim is distinct, thus the amount is determined on a case-by-case basis. However, for your convenience, we’ll go through some of the important factors that go into determining the value of your personal injury claim, with respect to each type of harm.

What is calculated for a personal injury payout?

  • General damages: Refers to the pain, suffering, and loss of amenities you experienced as a result of the incident’s injuries.
  • Economic loss: In consideration your past and future losses of wages, as well as your past and future losses of superannuation benefits.
  • Past economic loss: A Court will consider the time you were forced to miss from work as a result of your injuries when determining your previous economic loss.
  • Future economic loss: In the same way that past economic losses required both parties to investigate your tax and employment records.
  • Loss of superannuation: Your claim for future superannuation loss will be calculated using the higher statutory rate.
  • Special damages: Any injury-related benefits received from statutory departments are referred to as special damages.
  • Statutory refunds: We will collect accounts of the sums paid from these agencies prior to the end of your claim.
  • Gratuitous care & assistance: This relates to the unpaid care you received from people who cared for you when you were injured/ill.
  • Loss of servitude / consortium: An award for damages for loss of servitude and loss of consortium may be appropriate in specific cases.
  • Exemplary, punitive or aggravated damages: In most personal injury cases, exemplary, punitive, or aggravated damages are not granted.
  • Legal costs: Depending on the value of your claim, you may be eligible for a legal expenses award.

Types of injuries that are typically made to claim compensation

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, injured at work, or at a public area. It is important to obtain legal advice promptly because strict time limits apply to personal injury claims.

Head and brain injury.

Spinal and neck injury.

Soft tissue injury.

Upper and lower limb injury.

Ankle, knee and wrist injury.




Shock, anxiety and depression.

Quick summary of compensation payout

If you need to make a compensation claim, our Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane can help you determine the value of damages, compensation or insurance proceeds you are entitled to. Regardless of the type of accident you have been involved in, the extent of compensation payouts for injuries depend on the type of claim.

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About our Brisbane CBD office

Carter Capner Law Brisbane office is located in the centre of the CBD in Charlotte St.

Our location is close to the courts,  insurers and medical specialists with whom our Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane work to achieve the maximum benefit to you.

Our team of Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane collaborate closely on all their cases and are available to discuss your case in person or if you prefer, by phone or video-link.

Practice areas

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane take care of the demands and intricacies of the case so you get the compensation and fairness you deserve.

Our personal injury services in and around the Brisbane area extend to the following:

Road Injuries

Work Injuries

Tourism & Travel Injuries

Medical Injuries

Public Liability Injuries

Recreational Injuries

Police Misconduct

Sexual Abuse / Sexual Assault

Defective Products

Carter Capner Law offers No Win No Fee agreements for most of our injury compensation legal services.

This means you pay for our services only when the claim has resulted in a successful outcome.

An expert team member is available to meet with you at our Brisbane Head Office – close by to major courts and insurers as well as medical and safety expert consultants – or at our Princess Alexandra Hospital office or at our Browns Plains Medical Precinct satellite office.

Our mobile team can also come to you.

Call or email today to get expert advice on compensation for an injury resulting from all types of accidents.


The CCL method

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane will quickly review the circumstances of your case to determine your prospects of a successful personal injury claim. And once we have approved your case the claim is started quickly following the CCL method


Assemble the initial information you are able to provide

Proper case preparation demands meticulous attention to detail. That’s why right from the start, we collect all the facts and continuously verify them with you and other sources. Constant updates to your comprehensive statement will ensure everyone – you, us, medical specialists and barristers – stay precisely on the same page.


Prepare initiating Claim Notice.

Once sufficient facts have been collected and the identity of the at-fault party confirmed, and initial Claim Notice can be completed in a way that persuasively asserts the basis and extent of your compensation request.


Keep collecting the facts.

Diligent claim preparation requires a comprehensive understanding of your medical income and employment histories. Our Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane will obtain records from accident related treatment provided as well as from health professionals who have treated you for any prior conditions. Employment and income records asked also be collected and diligently examined .


Medical investigation of injury.

The extent of accident related injury must be independently verified by medical experts. Because compensation is paid for the permanent effects from an injury, specialist medical assessment is deferred until 9 – 12 months post injury. Our Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane arrange examinations with appropriate specialists and the insurer of the at-fault party is entitled also to have you examined by its specialists.



Once all information has been collected and medical specialist reports obtained, our Car Accident Lawyers will carefully formulate the “damages” components of your claim demand. The CCL Method requires that every component – general damages, lost wages, expenses you have incurred, the value of past and future domestic care and the value of loss of future earning capacity – is based on authoritative evidence.



After the insurer has considered your damages ask, a settlement conference is arranged to attempt to negotiate a resolution. Although informal, the success of the conference depends on the extent of preparation that has gone before it. Offers will be exchanged and if the insurer is being reasonable, the conference offers a good opportunity to finalise the claim.


Settlement not reached: heading to court

If you are unable to reach an agreement within 60 days after the conference, a Claim and Statement of Claim must be filed in court in relation to your accident. The defendant may then file a Defence and the court process then continues until the dispute is listed for a trial where witnesses are called to give oral evidence and a judge makes a final determination.

What fees do you pay a Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane to claim compensation?

Carter Capner Law's No-Win No-Fee terms affords fairness to those seeking compensation for personal injury including loss of income and future loss of income earning capacity. No-Win No-Fee - sometimes called "no-win, no-charge" and "no-win no-pay," allows legal representation to a level equivalent to that of the insurance company that will be resisting your payout. Essentially No-Win No-Fee terms provide that fees and case expenses are only payable when the claim is finalised and only if it is successful.

  • Court Filing Fees

  • Medical specialist consultation & report fees

  • Medical records collection fees

  • Expert report fees

  • Claim investigation

  • Barristers

    Our Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane will secure the services of a barrister who will also offer No-Win No-Fee terms

  • Document production

  • Police Report Fees

  • Government agency search fees

  • Freight & courier

  • Office charges

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