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Carter Capner Law conducts injury claims against Uber, Ola, DiDi and other ride share dispatch companies for a wide range of injuries including injuries to drivers and serious assaults on passengers by drivers based on the extent of control they exercise over passenger travel operations.

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What to do if you were injured in a Ride Share vehicle?

If injured from an accident involving a rideshare vehicle – as the driver or a passenger – you are entitled to legal representation by a legal team with experience in rideshare accidents.

Our rideshare accident lawyers seek injury compensation for victims – including in the case of an assault – that includes loss of wages, pain & suffering, loss of future earnings, paid and unpaid care, expenses and all other financial losses that have been sustained.

We handle injury compensation claims for all types of collisions and rideshare events.

Making early contact with a rideshare injury expert will expedite the compensation claim process. In your first meeting with us, we will need to know the following:

  • What happened and who might potentially be at fault
  • The extent of your injury
  • Your employment status
  • Your medical history
  • Whether the event has been reported to police

You are entitled to choose a legal team whose experience in rideshare accidents gives them the confidence to take your case with no upfront fees and only getting paid if your claim is successful.

Our expert rideshare lawyers are available to meet with you at our Brisbane Head Office – near to major courts and insurers as well as medical and safety experts – or at our Princess Alexandra Hospital office or at our Browns Plains Medical Precinct satellite office.

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See below in relation to the 1-month, 3-month and 9-month time limits that apply to car accident claims. An absolute end date of 3 years after the date of the accident also applies. Different time limits may apply to children and persons under a legal incapacity (e.g. mental incapacity).

Types of injuries that can result from a Rideshare accident.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to obtain legal advice promptly because strict time limits apply to compensation claims.

Head and brain injury.

Spinal and neck injury.

Soft tissue injury.

Upper and lower limb injury.

Ankle, knee and wrist injury




Shock, anxiety and depression.

The CCL method

Our Rideshare Accident Lawyers will quickly review the circumstances of your case to determine your prospects of a successful personal injury claim. And once we have approved your case the claim is started quickly following the CCL method


Make insurance or compulsory third party insurance (CTP) claim

In Queensland, it is mandatory for motor vehicles to have compulsory third-party insurance (CTP). This insurance coverage ensures that all individuals involved in a motor vehicle accident are protected and financially supported in case of any injuries or damages.

If you happen to be involved in a rideshare accident, our Rideshare Accident Lawyers will assist you in initiating a claim with your own insurance provider or with the at-fault party’s motor vehicle insurer.

We will work diligently to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you are entitled to for any losses or damages incurred.


Contact us to set up your no-obligation initial appointment.

At the initial consultation, your Rideshare Accident Lawyers will get more details on your situation and then investigate insurance coverage. Our Rideshare Accident Lawyers also explain our client and No Win No Fee agreement.

During the initial consultation, our experienced Rideshare Accident Lawyers will take the time to listen to your account of the accident and gather all the necessary details to fully understand your situation.

This includes obtaining information about the parties involved, the extent of your injuries, and any other relevant factors that may have contributed to the accident.

Once we have a clear understanding of your case, we will then proceed to investigate the insurance coverage. This involves examining the insurance policies of all parties involved including:

  1. the rideshare company
  2. the driver,
  3. and any other potentially liable parties.

We will analyze these policies to determine the available coverage and the potential compensation you may be entitled to.

We believe in transparency and ensuring that our clients fully understand the legal process and the agreement they are entering into.

That is why our Rideshare Accident Lawyers take the time to explain our client and the No Win No Fee agreement during the initial consultation.

Our Rideshare Accident Lawyers are committed to providing you with the highest level of legal representation and support. We will guide you through the entire process, answering any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Our ultimate goal is to help you secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and any other damages resulting from the rideshare accident.


Investigation & gathering evidence

Our Rideshare Accident Lawyers will meticulously examine all the contributing factors to determine the cause of your accident while you recover from your injuries.

After that, we’ll brief medical specialists to examine you and provide expert evidence reports.

From those reports, Your Rideshare Accident Lawyers will assess the fair compensation that the insurer must pay for how the injury has impacted you and your family at work and at home.

Our Rideshare Accident Lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in handling cases involving rideshare accidents. We understand the unique challenges and complexities that come with these types of accidents, including determining liability and navigating through the various insurance policies involved. Whether you were the passenger, driver, or pedestrian involved in a rideshare accident.


Attendance at informal settlement meeting

Our Rideshare Accident Lawyers will also formulate your damages demand and appoint an out-of-court meeting to negotiate the resolution of your claim settlement.

During the negotiation process, our experienced rideshare accident lawyers will effectively communicate with the insurance companies and other parties involved to advocate for your rights and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. We understand the complexities of rideshare accident cases and will utilize our expertise to build a strong case on your behalf.

Our team will meticulously assess the extent of your damages, including medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other relevant losses you have incurred as a result of the accident. We will compile all necessary evidence, such as medical records, accident reports, witness testimonies, and expert opinions, to support your claim.

Once we have prepared a comprehensive damages demand that accurately reflects the impact of the accident on your life, we will schedule an out-of-court meeting with the insurance companies or other parties involved. This meeting will serve as an opportunity to present our demand and negotiate a fair settlement that adequately compensates you for your losses.

Our lawyers are skilled negotiators who will assertively advocate for your best interests during these discussions. We will carefully analyze any settlement offers presented and provide you with sound legal advice to help you make informed decisions. Our goal is to secure a settlement that not only covers your immediate expenses but also accounts for any long-term consequences and future needs resulting from the accident.


Case settled or court proceedings

Statistically, more than 97% of compensation claims are settled out of court.

In many cases, the claim is resolved successfully during the informal settlement meeting, and you will receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

In rare cases, if your claim has not been resolved at this stage through negotiation, rest assured that our dedicated team is fully prepared to take your case to court. We have extensive litigation experience and will vigorously represent you in front of a judge and jury to fight for the compensation you deserve.

What happens if my Queensland ridesharing driver crashes and is at-fault?

If your ridesharing driver crashes and is at fault, there are a few things that may happen.

Firstly, if you have sustained any injuries, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. In terms of insurance, the driver’s compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance should cover your medical expenses and any potential rehabilitation costs.

Additionally, if you have suffered any loss or damage to your property, you may be able to make a claim against the driver’s comprehensive car insurance.

It is advisable to gather as much evidence as possible, such as photographs of the accident scene and any relevant documents, to support your claim.

It is also important to report the accident to the ridesharing company and provide them with all the necessary information.

They may have their own insurance policies in place to cover any additional damages.

Call our Rideshare Accident Lawyers and we help you today.

Am I covered by insurance as a ridesharing passenger in Queensland?

As a ridesharing passenger in Queensland, you are covered by insurance under the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance scheme.

This scheme provides coverage for personal injury caused by a motor vehicle accident, including accidents involving ridesharing services.

Additionally, ridesharing companies are required to have their own insurance policies to cover both drivers and passengers in the event of an accident.

It is important to note that the level of coverage may vary depending on the specific circumstances, so it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the ridesharing company you are using.

Speak to one of our Rideshare Accident Lawyers and we help you today.

What to do if you’re injured during a ridesharing ride trip

If you are injured during a ridesharing trip in Queensland, there are several steps you should take to ensure your well-being and protect your rights.

First and foremost, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention for any injuries sustained. Once you have received the necessary medical treatment, it is important to report the incident to the ridesharing company such as Uber, Ola, DiDi and other ridesharing platforms as soon as possible.

They may have specific protocols in place for handling accidents and injuries. Additionally, it is advisable to gather evidence of the incident, such as taking photos of the accident scene and obtaining contact information from any witnesses.

This evidence can be crucial when filing a claim for compensation. Finally, it is strongly recommended to consult with experienced Rideshare Accident Lawyers who specialize in ridesharing accidents.

What types of accidents are covered by CTP insurance?

All vehicles registered in Queensland carry a policy of insurance to cover compensation. This is called “third-party insurance” or “CTP insurance”.

The companies in Queensland that insure vehicles against such claims include Allianz, RACQ, QBE and Suncorp.

Someone who is injured in a motor vehicle accident as a result of negligence may be able to claim damages (to the extent of their injury) from the third-party insurer of the person at fault.

Third-party insurance doesn’t cover property damage to a vehicle (i.e. smash repairs). It only provides coverage for personal injury.

Motor vehicles are covered by policies of CTP insurance in all Australian states and territories. If an accident occurs in another state, the laws and procedures of that state’s motor accident compensation scheme will usually apply.

If the vehicle at fault was unregistered, CTP cover does not apply unless the accident happened on a road or in a public place. Public places include locations like some beaches on which vehicles can be driven.

Sometimes “fault” (or negligence) is attributed to more than one person. For example, it may be distributed between two drivers or a driver and a pedestrian.

If at-fault is attributed in some way to the person injured, this is referred to as “contributory negligence”. These cases may still be covered by CTP insurance.

Other Types of Vehicles

There are certain types of vehicles in Queensland that are not covered by CTP insurance unless the accident happens on a road.

These vehicles include backhoes, bulldozers, front-end loaders, forklifts, cranes, agricultural equipment and amphibious vehicles.

For injuries caused by trailers, special rules apply. In some cases, the CTP insurer is the towing vehicle.

Accidents with work vehicles may require assistance from our workers compensation lawyers. Call our Rideshare Accident Lawyers and we help you today.

How much compensation will I receive for my motor vehicle injury claim?

It all depends on the proportion of liability attributable to the at-fault driver, the extent of your injury, and the quality of your evidence.

Someone whose injury has had a significant effect on their quality of life (work, psychological, physical) is entitled to greater compensation than someone whose injury has had a minor impact on their lives.

General Damages

General damages were intended to compensate you for the pain and suffering you have endured and will endure in the future as a result of your injuries, as well as any permanent disability you’re likely to suffer.

General damages awarded in Queensland have been set at artificially low sums and can be quite trivial in comparison to other States. The most serious injuries such as quadriplegia are awarded around $150,000 and some reasonably serious back injuries are restricted to just $10,000.

Special Damages

These include:

  • Expenses paid or incurred by you, including medical and pharmaceutical.
  • Expenses paid by others. Some of these amounts are required to be collected from the at-fault party and paid back to Medicare, Comcare, WorkCover, DVA, public hospitals and private health funds.

Past Income Loss

You are entitled to claim for any income you have lost as a result of the incident. If you weren’t currently working and the injuries prevented you from looking for work or caused you to turn down job opportunities, you may also be able to claim for those situations.

Future Income Loss

You are entitled to be compensated for any future economic loss you may incur as a consequence of your injuries. If your injuries have resulted in some permanent disability – even to a small extent – you may be at risk of loss of wages in the future. People who continue to work full-time can still recover future income loss on the basis they are at risk on the labour market when compared to able-bodied job applicants.

Domestic Assistance (paid and unpaid)

Domestic assistance you receive from friends, family members or care professionals following an accident is compensable in many cases – even if you don’t pay for it. It’s important to keep detailed records of any assistance you get from other people if you intend to claim domestic assistance.

For more information on how much compensation you will receive, contact our Rideshare Accident Lawyers and we help you today.

What kind of evidence do I need to keep and collect?

To assist your Rideshare Accident Lawyers with the investigation, it is important to try to do the following:

  • Make notes of your recollection of all events relevant to the accident
  • Record names and addresses of witnesses
  • Take photos and videos of the place where you were injured. “A picture tells a thousand words”. Sketches are also helpful
  • Take photos and video of any product, equipment or object that injured you
  • Take photos of your injuries
  • Keep any defective product which caused an injury
  • Keep details of your absences from work caused by the injury
  • Make a list of visits to doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors etc for treatment and follow-up visits
  • Keep all invoices and receipts for medical, chemist etc expenses
  • Record details of assistance provided by friends and family members
  • Collect contractual records.
  • Collect documents showing your loss of earnings and earning capacity including wage slips, group certificates, income tax returns (for 6 years prior to the accident and each year after), references and resumes

If you’re unsure what evidence you need, contact our Rideshare Accident Lawyers.

Is my claim worthwhile?

Whether your claim is worthwhile depends on the seriousness of your injury and how that affects your employment and lifestyle.

There are some claims that are not worthwhile such as those for trivial injuries, where there is no insurer or the party at fault does not demonstrate significant assets against which a judgment can be enforced.

If you are not sure if your compensation claim is worthwhile please contact our Rideshare Accident Lawyers and we will help assess your needs and eligibility for our no-win no-fee service.

Carter Capner Law helps children and adults with severe brain and spinal injuries create comprehensive loss statements with individualized damages components for multi-million dollar claims.

Do I have to go to court for my compensation claim?

Personal injury settlements usually settle vehicle accident claims before court. If your claim goes to trial, you may only need to attend if your presence determines the outcome.

In some cases eg interim applications for payment of rehabilitation expenses, your Rideshare Accident Lawyers may be able to attend on your behalf.

Are there any time limits for making a claim after an motor vehicle accident claim?

All vehicle accident claims have strict deadlines. The insurer of the at-fault party must receive a Notice of Accident Claim (NOAC) within one month of your initial appointment with your lawyer, which usually includes your first phone contact:

  • In the case of an unidentified vehicle being at fault – within 3 months of the date of accident- see below;


  • For any other identified vehicles, within 9 months of the date of accident.

If you fail to lodge your claim on time, you may still qualify for compensation. There is provision for extending these time limits if you’re able to provide a reasonable excuse when submitting your NOAC which our Rideshare Accident Lawyers can help with.

As well as the 3-month and 9-month time limits, most claims have an absolute cut-off of 3 years from the date of the accident.

Different time limits may apply to children and persons under a legal incapacity (e.g. unsound mind). If you’re unsure whether you are within the time limit to make a claim, get in touch with our Rideshare Accident Lawyers today and we can assist you.

Can I get compensation if the at fault vehicle was unregistered or I don't have its details or registration number?

Yes but there are special procedures and time limits that apply to unregistered and unidentified at-fault vehicles.

Claims of this type are brought against the default insurer that goes under the name Nominal Defendant.

The time limit for giving a Notice of Accident Claim to the Nominal Defendant for an unidentified vehicle e.g. in a hit-and-run, is three months. This can be extended up to 9 months if there is a reasonable excuse for the delay but cannot be extended at all after that time.

In the case of unregistered at fault vehicles, the Notice of Claim must be given at least within 9 months of the accident date but if there is a reasonable excuse for the delay, this can be extended.

In all cases (except for children), proceedings must be started in court within three years of the accident date. Limitation period for children is up until the 21st birthday.

For claims relating to unidentified vehicles, there must be reasonable attempts made to ascertain its identity e.g. a report to the police, taking down names and contact details for eyewitnesses and taking down vehicle registration numbers if possible.

Your unidentified vehicle Rideshare Accident Lawyers will be able to help.

How long will my rideshare accident compensation claim take?

After you file the CTP claim, the insurer will determine fault. It depends on the circumstance, but finalising a claim too quickly may be harmful since you may not be able to analyse all your damages.

Also, some claims may take a little longer for several reasons:

  • Your injuries are too early to determine, a stabilisation period may be in effect.
  • There may be instances where there are difficulties in negotiations between the insurer and our Rideshare Accident Lawyers.
  • There are delays in the court process.

Every claim is unique and can have its own difficulties and complexities. We ensure you get the best outcome and receive the compensation to which you’re entitled in accordance with the law. Give our Rideshare Accident Lawyers a call today.

What if I was 'at fault', am I still able to claim compensation for injuries?

CTP compensation may be denied if the car accident was your fault or no one was at blame. Superannuation and income protection insurance can often be claimed.

If you are seriously injured due to a rideshare accident and it occurred after 1st July 2016, you may also be able to access support, care and treatment through the National Injury Insurance Scheme Queensland. For more information on whether you are still able to claim for compensation if you were ‘at fault’ email or call our expert Rideshare Accident Lawyers.

What if I was the other passenger of a rideshare accident, am I able to claim compensation?

If you are a passenger of a motor vehicle accident and you sustained any injuries, please speak to Rideshare Accident Lawyers and see if you have a case. In most cases, you will have a good claim for the injuries sustained.

Call or email today to get expert advice from the Rideshare Accident Lawyers injury experts at Carter Capner Law.

Can I claim compensation for Whiplash?

Many people experience whiplash or soft tissue injuries from rear-end collisions and many other rideshare accidents. Whiplash injuries could be significant and the cost of rehabilitation and physio can be costly.

We are here to help our clients recover all losses and damages that result from rideshare accidents across Queensland.

Call or email today to get expert advice from the Rideshare Accident Lawyers injury experts at Carter Capner Law.

Can I recover repair costs will hire charges for a replacement vehicle while my vehicle is off the road?

If your motor vehicle was damaged or written off, we can help you recover the cost of the repairs or replacement value of the vehicle from the comprehensive insurer of the at-fault-vehicle.

The insurer must compensate you for the loss of any special attributes of your damaged vehicle, something very important to collectors or if the vehicle has been specially modified, painted or fitted.

It also must pay the market rate hire charges for a replacement vehicle of a similar standard for the entire period your car is off the road.

We help you recover the these losses.

Get expert advice from the Rideshare Accident Lawyers experts at Carter Capner Law.

What expenses does Carter Capner Law cover for you under its rideshare accident compensation No-win No-fee terms?

Carter Capner Law's No-Win No-Fee terms affords fairness to those seeking compensation for personal injury including loss of income and future loss of income earning capacity. No-Win No-Fee - sometimes called "no-win, no-charge" and "no-win no-pay," allows legal representation to a level equivalent to that of the insurance company that will be resisting your payout. Essentially No-Win No-Fee terms provide that fees and case expenses are only payable when the claim is finalised and only if it is successful.

  • Court Filing Fees

  • Medical specialist consultation & report fees

  • Medical records collection fees

  • Expert report fees

  • Claim investigation

  • Barristers

    Our Rideshare Accident Lawyers will secure the services of a barrister who will also offer No-Win No-Fee terms

  • Document production

  • Police Report Fees

  • Government agency search fees

  • Freight & courier

  • Office charges

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