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The CCL method

Our compensation lawyers will quickly review the circumstances of your case to determine your prospects of a successful insurance payout claim. And once we have approved your case the claim process can be promptly started following the CCL method.

Assemble the initial information you are able to provide

Proper case preparation demands meticulous attention to detail. That's why right from the start, we collect all the facts and continuously verify them with you and other sources. Constant updates to this comprehensive record ensures everyone - you, us, medical specialists and barristers - stay precisely on the same page.

Prepare initiating Claim Notice.

Once sufficient facts have been collected and the identity of all parties is confirmed, an initial compensation demand can be completed in a way that persuasively asserts the basis and extent of your compensation request.

Keep collecting the facts.

Diligent claim preparation requires a comprehensive understanding of your medical income and employment histories. We will obtain records from accident related treatment provided as well as from health professionals who have treated you for any prior conditions. Employment and income records asked also be collected and diligently examined .

Medical investigation of injury.

The extent of accident related injury must be independently verified by medical experts. Compensation is paid for the permanent effects from your condition. We'll arrange examinations with appropriate specialists and the insurer may also be entitled also to have you examined by its specialists.


Once all information has been collected and medical specialist reports obtained, we will carefully formulate the amount of your claim demand. The CCL Method requires that every component is based on authoritative evidence.


After the insurer has considered your damages demand, a settlement conference is arranged to attempt to negotiate a resolution. Although informal, the success of the conference depends on the extent of preparation that has gone before it. Offers will be exchanged and if the insurer is being reasonable, the conference offers a good opportunity to finalise the claim.

Our Mission

We - our expert lawyers, support staff and management - are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best outcome from our services each time.

Our potential and existing clients can be assured that Carter Capner Law will treat all matters with integrity and effectiveness. We all “own” the customer experience of all clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is give all clients a giant leg up that authoritative and expert legal advice can provide .

When you first contact us, we will take the time to get to know everything that has occurred. A deep understanding of what happened and how much it impacts your psychological and economic well-being is key to a successful outcome.

We will then do everything in our capacity to make the legal process as transparent and stress-free as possible.

Our Values

Our technical knowledge and continuous learning sets us apart.

Our meticulous hard work and originality ensures excellent outcomes.

Our critical thinking-ahead on all of our actions creates efficiency and opens up out-of-the-ordinary solutions.

We do what we say and take responsibility for what is expected of us.

We all "own" the customer experience of all clients.

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