Our History

The Carter Capner Group has a long history associated with the people of Queensland and the city of Brisbane.

A history of change since 1944.

The Carter Capner Law group has maintained its historical strength by meeting the needs of all kinds of people, from those with disadvantaged backgrounds to those in charge of substantial commercial interests.

  • 1944
    Establishment of Richardson Carter & Co
    Established by Arthur "Ted" Carter and William Richardson. US troops invade Philippines 8 months before the Japanese surrender.
  • 1948
    Australia becomes a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • 1953
    Establishment of Carter, Capner & Stewart
    Carter, Capner & Stewart formed incorporating Richardson, Carter & Co., McGregor, Capner & Stewart, James Crawford & Williamson
  • 1956
    Carter Capner & Co established by Ted Carter and Fred Capner
    Television arrives in Australia. Melbourne hosts the Olympics.
  • 1962
    Queensland's 'Rocket' Rod Laver wins his first of two tennis Grand Slams
  • 1964
    Prime Minister Menzies reintroduces compulsory military services for 18-25 yr/old males. The Beatles perform at Brisbane's Festival Hall
  • 1968
    Disgruntled litigant sets fire to Supreme Court
  • 1970
    Ted Carter, sole practioner
    Trams removed from Brisbane streets
  • 1973
    Queen Elizabeth II formally opens Sydney Opera House
  • 1978
    Ted Carter & James Carter
    Fire damaged Supreme Court demolished to make way for new court to open in 1981
  • 1981
    Ted Carter, James Carter & Peter Carter
    12th Commonwealth Games held in Brisbane (1982)
  • 1984
    Ted Carter, Peter Carter & Paul Carter
    Medicare is established
  • 1987
    Carter Capner Solicitors
    Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen resigns after 19 years as Premier of Queensland
  • 1992
    Queensland daylight savings referendum defeated by 55% 'no' vote
  • Campaign for introduction of Freedom of Information
    In workers compensation and in relation to other statutory bodies concerning injury compensation (Qld)
  • 1994
    Founder of Qld branch of APLA (Qld)
  • Elected Qld foundation president of APLA
    and foundation national councillor
  • Campaign against MAIA (Qld)
  • 1995
    Peter Carter
    Queensland wins Sheffield Shield for the first time after 68 years in the competition
  • Founded Qld Workers’ Rights Coalition (Qld)
    with Bob Carnegie, Rob Davis, Gary Hammond, Ian Brown, Judy Teitzel
  • 1995-96
    Campaign leader to defeat Goss Labor Government proposals
    to introduce injury thresholds for Workers Compensation. Wrote and printed campaign leaflet and submissions (Qld)
  • 1996
    Campaign against medicare hold on injury compensation
    10% system adopted (Federal)
  • Leader of APLA/QWRC “under the Axe” campaign
    Leader of APLA/QWRC “under the Axe” campaign to defeat Goss Labor Government proposals to introduce injury thresholds for Workers Compensation. (Qld)
  • campaign to preserve common law damages rights for workplace injuires
    from which the current “money or the box” system was implemented. (Qld)
  • campaigner with QWRC
    incl Raul Guides, Rob Davis and others against Goss Labor Government in Mudginburra (Townsville) by-election. Campaign saw defeat of Goss labor Government. (Qld)
  • co-wrote with Rob Davis APLA submission
    and appeared before Kennedy Commission of enquiry with APLA submission (Qld)
  • wrote QWRC critique and lead campaigner
    against Kennedy Commission recomendations (Qld)
  • chair, APLA inaugural national annual conference
  • lead campaigner against Santoro-Borbidge WorkCover Qld Bill (Qld)
  • 1997
    author APLA code of conduct for members
  • successfully lobbied Liz Cunningham to defeat Santoro-Borbidge
    WorkCover Qld Bill provisions regarding injury thresholds for common law claims; journey claims. (Qld)
  • co-chair, APLA 2nd annual conference
  • 1998
    Carter Capner Lawyers
    Labour forms a minority in Queensland with help of independent; Waterfront dispute in Melbourne.
  • co-founder of Civil Justice Foundation (Federal)
  • 1998-99
    National President APLA (now ALA)
  • 1999
    co-founder Tort Reform Institute (Federal)
  • 2002
    Peter Carter & Ian Brown
    First Bali bombing kills 88 Australians
  • founder Insurance Reform Campaign (Federal)
  • a lead campaigner against Personal Injuries Proceedings Act and Civil Liability Acts
  • campaign against bias in Ipp Review (Federal)
  • campaign against Ipp review recommendations (Federal)
  • 2003
    campaigner against Jack Cade laws regarding legal profession (Federal)
  • campaigner for adoption of Montréal Convention in Australia for international air carriage (Federal)
  • 2005
    Carter Capner
    Queensland population hits 4 million
  • campaigner against censorship
    of personal injury compensation in Queensland
  • 2008
    Part of practice sold to Slater & Gordon in October, Peter Carter retains Carter Capner Law
    US banking collapses in September creates GFC panic
  • 2010/2011
    Carter Capner Lawyers - your strength
    Brisbane & regional Queensland floods
  • 2014
    Incorporated Legal Practice begins
    Malaysia Airline Flight 370 disappears in Indian Ocean
  • 2019
    75th Anniversary of the Carter Capner group

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