Workplace diversity and inclusion

Carter Capner Law is committed to supporting an inclusive workplace with diverse lawyers and professional staff that not only represents our multicultural clients and communities but also brings unique talents and experiences that improve our firm and encourage others to succeed — because all voices are important.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to the establishment and sustainability, through our staff , clients and our community, of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Our diverse culture helps us to recognise and promote the characteristics that make each individual unique and create a working atmosphere that welcomes, respects and honours all individuals and groups.

Focusing on these aspects enables us to inspire and empower our people to bring our entire self to work and to achieve their full potential.

This helps us to retain, encourage and employ the best talents and to leverage the uniqueness of our people can provide to build stronger connections and to provide our clients with insightful law.

Gender Equality

The focus on gender diversity is to promote all the people by actively addressing challenges to gender equality and create a culture that is welcoming for men and women alike. Our firm is committed to promoting the advancement of women into partnership and senior management, increasing board diversity and removing unconscious discrimination in graduate employment.

We recognise our role in promoting equality between men and women in the legal profession and women in law. We develop ways to connect, collaborate and collaborate with industry peers, our employees, and our clients in order to construct a collaborative network of mutual support and success.

Career and management programs
Supporting our female talent growth and development.

Mentoring and support
Developing our future leadership.

Encouraging corporate engagement and growing our women leaders ' profile.

Ensuring productive and versatile careers.

Cultural Recognition

We increase awareness and understanding of the various cultures and personalities within our company, our clients and our communities.

Through improving our people's skills and knowledge, we are aiming at overcoming language and cultural barriers and at pursuing a career. Our main objectives include:

  • Mentorship;
  • Cultural acceptance;
  • Clear career pathways.

LGBTI+ employment

Diversity and inclusion of LGBTIQ+ is encouraged in the firm. We foster a culture of LGBTIQ+ inclusion at work and integration is essential to our commitment to ensuring that our staff embraces their entire lives.

We strive for an inclusive lesbian, homosexual , bisexual, transgender and intersex ( LGBTI) culture that encourages everyone and gives everyone a sense of belonging.

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