A history of change since 1944

Founder Ted Carter with wife Sheila at Brisbane's Trocadero

Founder Ted Carter with wife Sheila at Brisbane’s Trocadero.

The Carter Capner Group has a long history associated with the people of Queensland and the city of Brisbane.

In 1944 when founder, Ted Carter, commenced practice in Adelaide Street as a partner in Richardson Carter and Co, Brisbane was the main allied headquarters in the South Pacific for World War II.

Australian and American troops swelled the city’s population to more than 750,000.

Office buildings had taped windows and sand bagged entrances and water mains filled with salt water for fighting fires stretched from North Quay along Ann and Elizabeth Streets.

The city had 200 air raid shelters.

With the war’s end in 1945, Queenslanders, other Australians and overseas immigrants saw Brisbane as the place where they could best fulfil their dreams. Industry flourished and the population soared.

In 1955 Richardson Carter & Co merged with two competitors to become Carter Capner & Stewart.

A year later Fred Capner joined Ted Carter as a partner and the firm was renamed Carter Capner & Co.

After almost a decade Fred Capner retired and the firm moved its headquarters to Qantas House, opposite the GPO.

It was then the largest individually owned law firm in the City.

From 1973 until 2010, the practice was located at 141 Queen Street in the building formerly known as the T&G Building.

Peter joined the practice in 1981.

In 1987 the name Carter Capner was adopted and in 1995 Ted Carter retired. Carter Capner Law was established in 2007.

Today Peter Carter leads the practice that continues to provide personal service to clients across Queensland and around the world.

The Carter Capner Law group has maintained its historical strength by meeting the needs of all kinds of people, from those with disadvantaged backgrounds to those in charge of substantial commercial interests.

Central Station  Brisbane 1944

75th Anniversary