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The Facts about Jessica Clarke’s International Injury Accident and Settlement Process

Jessica Clarke, a business analyst, was in Scotland when she applied for an internship in Vietnam through a Sydney-based company. The company promised safe travel arrangements, but this entailed being a motorcycle pillion passenger. During a ride back to her bungalow, her skirt got caught in the bike’s spokes, causing a severe accident. Jessica funded her medical treatment and evacuation back to Scotland via ‘go fund me’. Her solicitors in Scotland, along with Peter Carter, sued the Sydney company for failing to implement safe travel protocols for its interns. The claim was settled for $500,000.

The Claim Process on Jessica Clarke's International Injury Accident


Initial Claim and Legal Consultation

Jessica’s legal team, including Peter Carter, initiated a lawsuit against the Sydney company.


Investigation and Evidence Gathering

Comprehensive evidence collection was undertaken, focusing on the company’s negligence in travel safety.


Negotiation and Settlement Meetings

Negotiations centered on the company’s responsibility for Jessica’s safety and the consequences of their failure.


Case Settlement

The lawsuit was settled for $500,000, reflecting the severity of the incident and its impact on Jessica.

The Outcome of Jessica Clarke’s International Injury Accident

Settlement Details: Settled for $500,000, providing Jessica with compensation for her injuries and the ordeal she faced due to the company’s negligence.
Closing Remarks: This case highlights the critical need for companies to ensure safe travel protocols for international interns and the importance of legal recourse in such negligence cases.

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Disclaimer: Names have been change to protect the identity of our client. The image depicted is not of our client.

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