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The Facts about Travis Collins’ Workplace Injury Case and Settlement Process

Travis Collins, an apprentice boilermaker, was involved in a workplace accident while grinding equipment exposed to a flammable substance. The grinder emitted sparks that ignited Travis’s clothing, causing a burn injury that required skin grafting. His case was settled at a compulsory conference for $90,000.

The Claim Process on Travis Collins' Workplace Injury Case


Notify your employer of your work-related injury:

It is crucial to notify work of your work-related injury ASAP. The next formal step is to complete an Incident Report with your employer.


See a GP and obtain a Workers' Compensation Medical Certificate:

See a doctor so they can check your work-related injury and obtain a Workers’ Compensation Medical Certificate. If your employer sends you to their doctor, you may want to consider also going to see your own GP.


Lodge an application for WorkCover claim online:

The doctor who sees you may lodge a workers compensation claim on your behalf. If this doesn’t happen, head to the WorkSafe website and lodge an online application for WorkCover claims.


Provide medical and compensation application to the employer:

After obtaining your Workers’ Compensation Medical Certificate and lodging your application for a WorkCover claim, WorkCover will send copies of these to your employer.

The Outcome of Travis Collins’ Workplace Injury Case

Settlement Details: Settled for $90,000, compensating Travis for his burn injury and required skin grafting resulting from the workplace accident.

Closing Remarks: This case underscores the importance of workplace safety and the critical role of legal representation in securing compensation for injured workers.

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