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The Facts about Emily Harris’s Dependency Claim and Settlement Process

Emily Harris, a secretary and wife of the late Chris Roger Harris (dec’d), with two dependent children, faced a tragic loss. Her husband, undergoing flight training with MacFlight Pty Ltd for a commercial multi-engine pilot’s license, was involved in a fatal accident. The aircraft, carrying out stall recovery training over the Pacific Ocean, crashed during an unrecoverable stall. The flight school’s negligence included improper training maneuvers for the deceased’s experience level and failure to comply with CASA regulations. Represented by Peter Carter, Emily pursued a dependency claim, which was settled through informal negotiation for $140,000.

The Claim Process on Emily Harris's Dependency Claim


Initial Claim and Legal Consultation

Emily, assisted by Peter Carter, filed a dependency claim against MacFlight Pty Ltd.


Investigation and Evidence Gathering

Evidence about the flight school’s training methods and the circumstances of the crash were collected.


Negotiation and Settlement Meetings

Negotiations focused on the flight school’s negligence in training and aircraft choice.


Case Settlement

The claim was successfully settled for $140,000 following the filing of a Claim and Statement of Claim.

The Outcome of Emily Harris’s Dependency Claim

Settlement Details: Settled for $140,000, providing financial support to Emily and her children after their significant loss.
Closing Remarks: This case emphasizes the importance of adherence to training and safety regulations in aviation and the vital role of legal action in securing compensation for affected families.

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