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The Facts about Lisa’s Cycling Accident and Settlement Process

Lisa was cycling in Redfern, NSW, on June 19, 2014, when a car abruptly turned across her path at an intersection, resulting in a collision. She sustained a fractured clavicle due to the impact.

Following the accident, Lisa underwent medical treatment including surgery and physical therapy for her fractured clavicle. The injury impacted her daily activities and ability to work for a period of time.

Legal proceedings led to a settlement through the acceptance of a Calderbank offer. Lisa received a total of $275,000, inclusive of costs, aimed at covering her medical expenses, loss of income, and ongoing rehabilitation needs.

The claim process on Lisa's Cycling Accident


Make insurance or compulsory third party insurance (CTP) claim

In Queensland, motor vehicles are required to have ‘compulsory third party insurance‘ (CTP). Your Bicycle Accident Lawyers will initiate your claim with your insurer or the at-fault party’s motor vehicle insurer.


Contact us to set up your no-obligation initial appointment.

At the initial consultation, our Bicycle Accident Lawyers will get more details on your situation and then investigate insurance coverage. Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers will also explain our client and No Win No Fee agreement.


Investigation & gathering evidence

Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers will investigate and gather evidence while you recover from your injuries.

After that, our Bicycle Accident Lawyers will brief medical specialists to examine you and provide expert evidence reports. From those reports, our Bicycle Accident Lawyers will formulate how the injury has impacted you and your family at work and at home.


Attendance at informal settlement meeting

Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers also formulate your damages demand and appoint an out-of-court meeting to negotiate the resolution of your claim settlement.


Case settled or court proceedings

Statistically, more than 97% of compensation claims are settled out of court. In many cases, the claim is resolved successfully during the informal settlement meeting, and you will receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

In rare cases, if your claim has not been resolved at this stage, our Bicycle Accident Lawyers will take it further and help you get the compensation to which you are entitled according to the law.

The outcome of Lisa’s Cycling Accident

Settled for $275,000.

Been injured? It’s your right to claim, ask us if you need help. Carter Capner Law offers No Win. No Fee. for most injury compensation cases that it takes on, including:

Road Injuries

Work Injuries

Travel Injuries

Medical Injuries

Public Liability Injuries

Recreational Injuries

Other Injuries

In some cases like medical negligence, we ask our client to meet the case expenses – but in many cases, we still take the financial risk of investing thousands of hours of expert professional work to ensure the claim’s success.

Disclaimer: Names have been change to protect the identity of our client. The image depicted is not of our client.

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