February 9, 2015

February 1 marked the launch of Carter Capner Law’s custom tool to give online shoppers greater insight – in seconds – into the actual results they can expect to receive from a compensation claim.

The Compensation Calculator allows people enquiring about compensation to input a loss scenario into data fields and view an immediate compensation report.

According to Legal practice director, Peter Carter, “Every claimant has two questions when approaching a law firm.” “They want to know if their claim is worth pursuing and an estimate of the outcome. The calculator responds to those exact questions in the comfort of the user’s home, immediately.”

The law firm has been developing the tool for 12 months. It employs algorithms to currently respond to 11 different claim type queries. The tool also features sliders that allow users to vary their data inputs to see a ‘range’ of estimates that could apply to their claim. “What people often don’t know is that time limits apply to all claims,” Carter says. “The instantaneous output from the calculator speeds up the commencement process to prevent time barriers applying.

Users can start their claim immediately, or get a second opinion in just a few clicks.” A further 12 claim type algorithms are in production. Until they are deployed, a lawyer will respond to a user’s query in real-time.

To access the calculator, users should visit the Carter Capner Law homepage and click on the Compensation Calculator tile.

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