September 7, 2017

Sydney is usually known for its superior beauty services. Unfortunately, this was not the case for beauty salon owner Jean Huang last week.

The 35-year-old was left fighting for her life after receiving a botched treatment at The Medi Beauty Clinic on Carlton St, Chippendale.

Ms Huang spent several days in Royal Price Alfred Hospital after Jei Shao, a 33-year-old Chinese tourist allegedly administered a potentially lethal dose of anaesthetic.

Ms Huang visited the clinic for a ‘breast fillers’ treatment last Wednesday.

Police are now investigating Ms Shao and Yuegiong Fu who was allegedly assisting during the treatment as a nurse.
At this stage, Jei Shao has been charged with reckless grievous bodily harm as well as using poison so as to endanger life.

Ms Shao and Ms Fu are also being investigated by the Health Care Complaints Commission.

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It has been revealed during investigations that neither Ms Shao nor Ms Fu were registered in Australia
Ms Shao reportedly graduated from a Canton medical university and specialised in dermatology. She has said to of practised in China and Great Britain.

According to the police, Ms Shao knew the victim through a mutual friend and there had been an agreement between the two for Ms Shao to inject Ms Huangs’ breasts with fillers.

Police inquiries continue and further legal action is being considered.

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