July 1, 2016

Two of Malcolm Turnbull’s neighbours in Wolseley Rd Point Piper have been caught out for an “unedifying brawl” which resulted in police prosecutions and civil proceedings for assault.

Anthony Sahade and Eckart Bischoff live in separate parts of a strata development that overlooks Sydney Harbour and share a common driveway that became the scene of an altercation while Sahade was directing a tradesman working nearby.

Sahade successfully defended the police charges against him but claimed damages against Bischoff for assault while Bischoff brought a cross-claim for trespass to his property.

A court has awarded $500 to Bischoff for the trespass.

Sahade v Bischoff [2015] NSWCA 418 Basten JA Gleeson JA and Beech-Jones J 23/12/2015

Categories: Litigation & Law Practice , Civil procedure

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