19/09/2023 Update – Media Release Statement: An Urgent Call for ASIC to Investigate Unfair Alcohol-Related Clauses in Travel Insurance.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

There are calls for an urgent review into travel insurance policies after two Australians were denied cover for being under the influence of alcohol. A travel law expert says most tourists would be shocked. It could actually void claims.

Anna McGraw (00:15):

Two women on holidays of a lifetime. Kylie Enwright from New South Wales in Thailand.

Paul Enwright (00:21):

We weren’t drink-driving. We weren’t on scooters. We weren’t in the traffic or the public areas.

Anna McGraw (00:28):

Ella Cutler from Western Australia who fell in Croatia.

Nicole Cutler (00:32):

Then to hear that the insurance company had let us down was… We just went into complete and utter shock.

Anna McGraw (00:40):

Both were denied travel insurance after horrific accidents under the premise they had alcohol in their system.

Peter Carter (00:47):

It seems to me that there are some very unsatisfactory claims practices and policy wordings.

Anna McGraw (00:54):

Compensation expert Peter Carter has written to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, calling for an urgent investigation into unfair terms around alcohol.

Peter Carter (01:05):

It’s not referred to on any of the insurer’s website, and it’s not being brought to any traveler’s attentions.

Graham Turner (01:12):

In our experience. It’d be very, very unusual for that unless you were well over the limit.

Anna McGraw (01:17):

Despite concerns around certain policies, the advice for Australians leaving the country remains the same. If you don’t have insurance, don’t travel, but check the fine print.

Graham Turner (01:28):

A lot of countries don’t have those bilateral agreements.

Peter Carter (01:31):

Choose a policy that doesn’t have an outrageous exclusion.

Anna McGraw (01:34):

To end your holiday at home in one piece. Anna McGraw, Seven News.