Speaker 1:

Now, an airline is offering compensation over a mid-air scare. This is LATAM Airways. A few weeks ago, about 50 passengers had to be assessed by paramedics after a flight from Sydney to Auckland. Passengers were sent flying around the cabin due to a sudden drop in altitude. Carter Capner Law Director Peter Carter says, “Some passengers have been offered up to $7,000 in compensation,” but he’s urged passengers not to sign any legal documents immediately. Mr. Carter says, “Passengers who’ve been contacted have got a range of injuries from moderate to severe. Some may be eligible for more significant compensation if the airline is found to be at fault.” Now, if the incident is deemed to be LATAM’s fault, they stare down the barrel of a hefty penalty, that’s due to a global law which allows for payments of up to $260,000. So the advice is don’t sign anything straight away.