19/09/2023 Update – Media Release Statement: An Urgent Call for ASIC to Investigate Unfair Alcohol-Related Clauses in Travel Insurance.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

There are calls for an urgent review into unfair terms and claims practices of travel insurers. A leading compensation lawyer says most travelers would be shocked to learn that any alcohol consumption could void their claim, with the exclusion buried in the fine print.

Breanna Inferrera (00:17):

A young police officer left fighting for life following a horrific fall in Croatia last month. More than $500,000 has now been raised to help bring Ella Cutler home to WA after the 25-year old’s travel insurance claim was denied.

Speaker 3 (00:33):

I don’t know whether that’s an alcohol related exclusion. There’s some talk about it being alcohol related, but the point is that travelers don’t know about these exclusions. They’re hidden in the fine print.

Breanna Inferrera (00:45):

Grandmother, Kylie Ann Wright died last month following a tragic fall in Thailand. It took a massive crowdfunding operation to bring her home to New South Wales after her travel insurance provider limited her cover due to an alcohol clause. Her husband claims the company went to great lengths to prove she’d been drinking. A leading compensation lawyer is now calling for an urgent investigation writing to the corporate regulator.

Speaker 3 (01:11):

I’m concerned that a number of claims have been denied recently in very unfortunate circumstances. The claims practices of travel insurers and the terms in the travel insurance policies need scrutiny.

Breanna Inferrera (01:26):

He says insurers need to be more transparent.

Speaker 3 (01:29):

They should certainly post on their website on the front page and before you seek a quote, what the alcohol exclusion clause says.

Breanna Inferrera (01:41):

Warning travelers, not all policies are the same. The corporate regulator, ASIC, declined to comment on the calls for an investigation, but advised travelers to consult its MoneySmart website before buying a policy and said customers unhappy with their provider could lodge a complaint. Breanna Inferrera for 10 News…