May 20, 2016

Stress in the workplace has become a significant health issue, with 3 in 5 Australians working more hours than they’re paid for. So it comes as no surprise that in 2012 alone, Queensland Health workers received $500,000 in time off work payments connected to work-related stress.

To make any claim under Qld’s WorkCover system, you must show that your work was a significant contributing factor towards the injury, in this case, the resulting psychological injury.

Work-related stress has been described defined as a physical, psychological or emotional reaction to the demands of work exceeding a worker’s abilities or resources.

Many factors need to be examined to establish employment as a significant contributing factor, including:

  • Your work and home environment;
  • Whether the source of the stress is easily identifiable;
  • Pre-existing and unrelated (to employment) stressors;
  • Whether the stress amounts to a psychological condition and if so, its precise nature;
  • Whether you have sought or are receiving medical treatment.

Your claim will be rejected  if your employer can prove that the stress arises as a result of “reasonable management action” performed in a reasonable way.

For that reason many claims where the resulting stress arises from:

  • transferring, demoting or disciplining a worker;
  • refusing leave, promotions or transfers,
  • are unlikely to succeed.

If you are unsure about the compensation claim process or have any questions feel free to call our experienced team on 07 3210 3444.

Whether your next step is looking for practical tips on dealing with stress, or a general overview on workplace stress, taking that step is what matters. Looking after your health should always come first.

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