October 5, 2016

One in five of all serious work place injuries in Australia involve a tradie. With the physical stress which tradies are subject to this may not come as a surprise; however, it is still something that needs to be reduced.

There are many injuries that occur on site which can be prevented whilst on the job. Through reviewing safety procedures, educating employers and staff, supporting employers to return to work, and installing the best measures to prevent serious injuries.

The main cause of these injuries is body stress, which results in the two highest injuries amongst tradies being sprains and strains and musculoskeletal disorders.

The most common mistake tradies tend to make is ignoring warning signs, such as aches and pains, and trying to soldier on and continue working. Many serious injuries can be prevented early on if they are treated at the first sign of discomfort. It’s important that workplaces create a supportive environment where tradies feel comfortable to seek help when they are injured.

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Within the industry, construction workers are claiming 34% of workers compensation with half of these claims involving muscular stress. Tradies also have the highest proportion of early retirement than professional workers with 35% to 50% of tradies retiring before the age of 60. All these factors cost the nation $20.9 billion a year.

Here are some tips to make sure your safety comes first in the workplace:

  • See a professional as soon as possible if you are injured or are experiencing muscle pains.
  • Set up a return to work program that encourages injured workers to come back to work
  • Create a supportive workplace culture; studies reveal that return to work was nearly twice as high if employees perceived a high people-orientated culture.
  • Educate workers on safety procedures with regular reviews

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