September 12, 2016

Going on vacation is a favourite family past time but sometimes they don’t exactly go to plan. Here are the most common vacation related injuries;

  1. Food Poisoning

Eating is one of the more enjoyable activities when on vacation. However, digging into unfamiliar cuisines with can result in falling ill which can ruin a relaxing adventure. Ensure you research and try to stick to popular places that have been recommended by others.

  1. Sea Sickness

Cruises are becoming increasingly popular, with amazing deals and destinations popping up everywhere. But seasickness can turn a holiday into a nightmare. Most of the time, passengers don’t know they get seasick until it’s too late. Be prepared and pack sea sickness medication and wristbands. Both are readily available at pharmacies.

  1. Swimming Injuries

There’s no better way to spend a Queensland summer then at the beach. However, sometimes people forget how dangerous the ocean can really get. It is important to listen to lifeguards and avoid big waves and rip tides. Summer is also stinger season so wear a stinger suit in deep water.

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  1. Motor Accidents

Bicycle, moped and car accidents are very common on holiday. This is due to people driving on unfamiliar roads. Although the convenience of hiring out a vehicle might be appealing, it can lead to confusion and be dangerous. Make sure you’re familiar with foreign road signs combined with heavily populated roads.

  1. Muscle Pain

Visiting main tourist spots can sometimes involve a lot of walking. Always pack appropriate footwear to minimise the risk of any strain.

If you are booking a holiday remember to always invest in travel insurance in case of serious injury. For more information on injuries on vacation, contact Carter Capner Law a call on 07 3210 3437.

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