May 22, 2017
A crash between a tram and a truck in Melbourne’s Royal Park during peak hour has left 29 people injured an a chaotic scene as teams work to clean up the mess.

The incident took place this morning at 8:00am on Elliot Avenue, which is located near Melbourne’s Zoo.
The truck slammed into the tram that was carrying around 100 passengers, tipping the truck over and leaving the tram derailed.
At this stage there are conflicting reports as to which vehicle had the green light at the known-blackspot intersection at the time.
Emergency services attended the scene where 29 people were treated for minor injuries, 14 required hospital treatment.
For information on Motor Accidents, go to: Motor Accidents
The tram surprisingly, despite being derailed suffered only superficial damage to the doors and windows.
Reports suggest most passengers injuries are the result of being flung by the initial impact, as well as glass from broken windows.
Everyone injured in the accident is in a  stable condition.

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