April 16, 2015

The Newman government’s increase in November 2013 of the threshold for mandatory disclosure of political donations from $1,000 to $12,400 was both cynical and clever.
By increasing the disclosure threshold, the LNP clearly intended to allow all donors the benefit of anonymity and at the same time to insulate itself from political embarrassment eg, because of a donation’s source.

But what if the reciprocity sought by the giver’s generosity is simply that the donor might be favoured with access to the MP recipient at some time in the future.

Is this also unacceptable? Does it carry the implication that – at the least – the recipient’s sympathies are “for sale”?
As much may be decided in the defamation lawsuit brought by federal treasurer Joe Hockey against…..

For the full story, read Qld News Truth (April/May edition) out now.

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