December 20, 2016

A stonemason  has died today after being crushed by a 600 kg marble slab.

Ray Finch, a 61 year old man from Cleveland was said to have been off-loading two large pieces of marble from a truck at around 10am Tuesday morning.

Police have noted that the wind may have been a contributing factor to the accident.

Mr Finch’s only son, Ray Finch Junior said his father was working the last two days before taking a break over Christmas.

“He was probably the hardest working person I have ever met,” he said.

“Finally he was going to get a week off.”

“He was an amazing man. He will be greatly missed.”

Mr Finch Junior, also a stonemason, had taken the day off under the instruction of his father, who owned the business.
A friend from a nearby business called him after the occurred.

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Acting Inspector Jones said witnesses had gone to Mr Finch’s aid and paramedics had tried to resuscitate him for about half an hour.

She said the tragic incident would be investigated by police and Workplace Health and Safety and a report prepared for the coroner.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said the tragedy came at the worst possible time of year. “I just can’t imagine the heartbreaking Christmas ahead for family and friends,” she said.

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