January 24, 2017

Locals have been rocked by the news that a Gold Coast stuntman has been killed while shooting a music video in Brisbane CBD on Monday afternoon.

Initial reports were hazy as it was thought the workplace incident occurred on the set of Pacific Rim 2, which is being filmed in parts of the CBD.

However, reports confirmed the alleged incident was in fact during the filming of a Bliss n Esso video clip shoot in Eagle Lane, Brisbane.

The victim was 28 year old father Johann Ofner.

The exact circumstances in which the shooting occurred in the Brooklyn Standard bar have not yet been confirmed, however police have said there were several guns on site. It is believed the incident involved a double barrel shot gun.

While other stuntmen on-site performed CPR until emergency services arrived, however, their efforts were unsuccessful and Mr Ofner was pronounced dead a short while later.

In a bizarre twist of events, earlier in the day, Ofner shared footage on his Instagram account showing the inside the bar with the captions “Our Asian gangster props today!”and “Faulty props” with a laughing emoji.

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Queensland Police are investigating  whether all safety requirements were followed.

Detective Inspector Tom Armitt said, “We’re making further inquiries regarding the supplier of the firearms used (and) the manufacturer of the simulated ammunition”.

“So all those sorts of investigations will be undertaken in order to present the brief to the coroner.”

Police said the incident was believed to be accidental but was being treated as suspicious until proven otherwise.

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