January 9, 2017

Earlier this month the Queensland Police Service announced the road toll for 2016 was higher than the previous years’ with 250 fatalities in total.

Commissioner Stewart said there had been an alarming increase from the previous year in the number of fatalities in two road user categories with pedestrian fatalities rising by more than 75 per cent and fatalities involving motorcycle riders and passengers increasing by 19 per cent,” Commissioner Stewart said.

“The tragic reality is that many of the fatal traffic crashes in 2016 could have been avoided if the driver or rider was not speeding, had not been drinking or was simply paying attention to the road.”

It is estimated road accidents cost the Australian economy $28 billion every year.

There are the additional pressures on our hospitals with 50% of catastrophic injuries are from road accidents, extra drain on Medicare, Centrelink and the Pharmecutical Benefits Scheme. As well as the rise in insurance costs with every accident for property damage, CTP insurance, income and temporary permanent disability cover, and private medical insurance.

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“We need every single road user whether they are a driver, a rider, a cyclist or a pedestrian to take road safety seriously and act responsibly on our roads.”

“There is no doubt Fatal Five offences such as speeding, drink and drug driving and fatigue contributed to a significant number of fatalities on Queensland roads last year,” Assistant Commissioner Keating said.

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