February 27, 2014

The mobile phone and an affordable family car are some of the greatest of human achievements. A moving car is also a dangerous object. Our mounting road toll is evidenced enough of that. Even when driven carefully, cars kill.
While our driving skills and focus are compromised, the stakes are raised and other people’s lives, along with our own, are placed in very serious danger. In Australia, inattention is reported to be the primary cause in nearly 30% of fatal crashes and 45% of serious injury crashes each year.

Deliberately distracting oneself from the control of a car imposes a huge burden on an already demanding task. We can say no to using our phones whilst driving, and make sure the roads are safe for all those who use it.

Take action – go to the pledge page to share and tag a friend in a pledge to not text, call or email while driving. Those taking the pledge promise not to text behind the wheel to speak up to stop friends or family if they see them attempting it. The example each of us can set is vital to stop this epidemic.

We want to make sure Australians of all ages take this pledge. The more that do, the safer will be our streets for our children, our neighbourhood and ourselves. Many of the hundreds of fatal accidents examples that have come to police attention demonstrate the trivial nature of the messages which preceded the tragedy. A smiley face icon, for example. Also an apology for running late, a request for directions, confirmation of a hair appointment, and a ‘will be home soon’ note.

No matter the length or the subject of the message, the momentary distraction is enough to destroy lives and leave families devastated. Please share to encourage as many Australians as possible of all ages, to take this pledge.

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