April 15, 2015

Readers with toddlers appreciate the predicament. You overcome enormous obstacles just to get the family to the restaurant on time only to be greeted with a sneer from the hostess and the words “I’m sorry we don’t cater for children.”
No point in arguing – but nevertheless fuming – you beat a humiliating retreat – toddler on the hip – to the nearest fast food outlet. The situation is not uncommon. Many of Brisbane’s C.B.D. restaurants do not offer facilities for families with infant children, i.e. no high chairs or booster seats.

Those establishments are to be compared with others that go out of their way to be “family-friendly” by not only graciously offering appropriate table furniture but also puzzles, crayons etc to occupy a trying infant’s attention.
Are the “child refusers” engaging in a form of discrimination?

Read the full story in Qld News Truth (April/May edition) out now

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