December 27, 2016

A Jet Airways flight travelling from Goa to Mumbai skidded off the runway at Goa Dabolim airport at 5am on December 26 2016.

Flight 9W-2374 veered off the runway while aligning for take off to Mumbai.

A total of 15 passengers suffered minor injuries during evacuation. There were 161 people on board the flight, including the crew members.

The plane had arrived from Dubai and was bound for Mumbai, was about to take off when it skidded off the runway.

During evacuation, the aircraft tilted forward, an eyewitness said, triggering panic among passengers.

According to ANI, all the passengers were safely evacuated.

 Jet Airways issued a statement saying, “All guests and crew have been safely evacuated. Few guests have sustained injuries during the evacuation process.”
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Some passengers were not happy with the series of events stating the incident could have killed them.

Talking to ANI another passenger named Abhishek said, “Situation was critical; nobody is helping, authority is not giving answers; Don’t know what to do.”

A few hours after the incident, Jet Airways issued a statement where they announced that they will facilitate the transport of the stranded passengers from Goa to Mumbai on their wide-body Boeing 777.

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