June 26, 2014

A worker who slipped on the lacquered surface of a bowling lane during a work arranged tenpin play-off needed surgery as a result of her fall.

Lining up for her next delivery, Kathryn Windley stepped beyond the “foul line” – because its presence was subdued by disco illumination – onto the highly polished lane surface itself. Sent feet first into the air, she landed on her right hip shattering it and her femur.

Ambulanced to Gladstone Hospital and then airlifted to Rockhampton, she underwent surgery twice. Her convalescence after discharge five days later  in August 2008, was slow. Just goes to show even bowling can be hazardous!

Kathryn’s injury would have likely qualified her for a payout under the TPD cover attaching to employee superannuation or under any sickness and accident policy that she had taken out.

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