February 14, 2017

A Brisbane based neurosurgeon suing Austrian Airlines after he jammed his pinky finger in the fold-out tray table.

Dr David Walker was travelling in business class to England mid last year, stopping through Bangkok and Vienna, when his pinky got caught between the tray.

It was stated at the Queensland Federal Court, where his claim was filed, that the cabin crew folded out the table tray, from his armrest, before serving his meal but did not return to retract the table back once he was finished.

After attempting to retract the table himself the armrest “malfunctioned” and his fifth finger on his right hand got caught between two parts of the tray.

Dr Walker managed to finally pull his finger out with his son’s help but due to the severity of the injury he lost consciousness for a brief period.

Dr Walker is claiming damages for the injuries he sustained to his finger, including a fracture and intra-articular extensions, soft tissue damage and trauma to the nail bed, as well as psychological injuries; anxiety and depression.

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The amount of compensation Dr Walker may receive will depend on the Montreal Convention, a treaty on compensation for airline passengers and Australia’s Civil Aviation Carriers Liability Act.

The brain and spine specialist claims that he now has a permanent disability which will effect his future earnings as a surgeon and will also incur future medical costs.

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