November 1, 2016

In a bid to discover exactly what happened to Luke Dorsett, partner Roozi Araghi, sister Kate Goodchild and  Cindy Low who all  tragically died at Dreamworld last week, senior police have arrived at Dreamworld for an expected reenactment.

The senior police entered Dreamworld on Monday morning and in the afternoon crash test dummies arrived as lengthy police investigations into the tragedy continued.

It was been suggested that the dummies would be placed into rafts to run out a number of scenarios to determine how the deadly accident came about.

Police have removed the rafts and will continue the investigation as the park remains closed indefinitely.
About 200 staff returned to the park on Monday but management was yet to announce a time frame for reopening.
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said in Parliament on Tuesday that emergency services workers were undergoing counselling after witnessing the “absolutely horrific scene.

“The shock of this tragedy will stay with people for a long time and I want to ensure that everything that can be done will be done to assist those people and those families who witnessed this horrific event,” she said.

A community recovery expert has been brought in to help restore trust in the wake of the deaths of Canberra man Luke Dorsett, partner Roozi Araghi, sister Kate Goodchild and Sydney woman Cindy Low.
CEO Craig Davidson on Monday outlined plans for a review of all mechanical rides, with results to be made public.
He also responded to union criticism the park had understaffed one of its rollercoasters, saying Dreamworld’s Cyclone ride was configured differently to one mentioned in an operating manual and Dreamworld’s operating procedures were approved by the manufacturer.
An independent safety expert would be involved and the audit would include ride-operating policies and procedures and engineering reviews.
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