February 8, 2018

A 36-year-old Brisbane woman is suing doctors for a delay in diagnosing her cancer, despite multiple complaints and visits for her symptoms.

Jodie Elisara first presented to a doctor in 2009 due to painful bowel movements and rectal bleeding but was told it was just haemorrhoids.

The mother of three went on to visit other doctors for help as the pain increased in severity, but it wasn’t until 2015 she was placed on the waiting list for a colonoscopy.

Two years later, in 2017, Ms Elisara was booked for surgery on her haemorrhoids, which is when her doctor found a large tumour in her colon.

Diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer 8 years after first seeking help for the symptoms, Ms Elisara is now taking legal action against the doctors who failed to investigate her pain.

She’s seeking damages based on the time taken to refer her for a colonoscopy and will be arguing that cancer could have been detected much earlier had her medical professionals acted differently.

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