May 4, 2017

A woman has been exposed after she filed a fraudulent claim for workers compensation.
The Fort Lauderdale office secretary was found guilty after CCTV footage revealed she was attempting to make a fraudulent claim.

The woman’s employer had become suspicious of the claim and decided to investigate further, referring the case on to state authorities in Florida, U.S.

The footage clearly depicts the woman sitting at her desk when a broken fire sprinkler falls and lands on her desk in front of her. She picks up the broken piece, ponders it for a moment and then shockingly hits herself in the forehead with the metal object. She then slides back on her chair, holding her forehead injury with her hand.

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The woman then filed a fraudulent compensation claim but it was short-lived after investigators found the footage showing the self-inflicted incident.

The woman was convicted of fraud and was sentenced to 18months probation.

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