January 17, 2017

Distracted drivers are one of the main causes of crashes in Queensland,  with distracted drivers accounting for a quarter of car accidents throughout the state. 

So it’s no surprise that these crashes have been revealed as the most common among Queenslanders.

  1. Nose to tail

Nose to tail collisions ranked number one for the most common QLD crashes. This is due to impatient drivers, distractions and tailgating. We’ve all been there when we’re rushing to work or an important meeting and travel just a smidge too close to the car in front of us. However try not to get impatient as travelling too close to someone in front of you can be risky, especially if they break suddenly. As a rule of thumb remember to keep a 3 second gap between your car and the car in front of you.

  1. Parked car or stationary object

The next most common crashes are with stationery cars or objects. As people become more distracted with their phones and misjudge how much room they actually have, these collisions become all too common. Always check your mirrors and shoulder check to make sure nothing is behind you and that you have enough space.

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  1. Failing to give way

Many drivers sometimes get confused as to when to give way. Everyone knows to give way if you’re at a give way or stop sign but here are some other situations:

  • Turning right at a path of an oncoming vehicle at an intersection
  • Turning at an intersection
  • Exiting a driveway or land onto a road
  • You must always give way to pedestrians
  1. Reversing

Collisions while reversing are once again caused when drivers are distracted and are not aware of their surroundings. Queenslanders seem to be notorious for being distracted which can cause many accidents. Always remember to take your time, keep your phone away and double-check your surroundings.

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