July 13, 2017

Brisbane’s newest runway has started taking shape.

The giant sandlot that runs parallel to Brisbane’s existing runway, will be transformed into a gateway for a predicted 44 million visitors per year by 2020.

The mammoth undertaking is predicted to see a workforce of 400+ and has a budget of 1.2 billion, which is both government and privately funded.

“It is the biggest, privately owned sandpit in Australia and it is going to become Queensland’s newest runway,” Brisbane Airport Corporation chief executive Julianne Alroe said on Monday.

“Given the long history of this project which had its earliest planning stages in the 1970s, it is a significant milestone to announce today the successful contractor for the largest, final and most expensive package of works to bring Brisbane’s new runway to life,” she said.

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The site is currently home to 11 million cubic metres of sand which was transported over from Moreton Bay to settle, a project that cost $400 million alone.

The next stage of the project will take place over the next three years, transforming the sandpit into a 60-metre wide runway including more than 12 kilometres of taxiways with 300 hectares of landscaping.

Federal Infrastructure Minister Darren Chester commented, “This is a Brisbane Airport Corporation project – a great project for the future of obviously Brisbane, south-east Queensland, and Australia more generally.”

“As I indicated in my earlier comments, 22 million passengers per year already use the airport; that’s expected to double over the next two decades and we’re certainly looking forward to seeing further growth to capitalise on the visitor economy.”

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