April 13, 2017

On the 20th of January, this year people all over the world were surprised by the tragedy that was the Bourke Street car attack.

Following the stolen car’s rampage through Bourke Street Mall (Melbourne) six people were confirmed dead and thirty-one were admitted to hospital. For many of the victims the pain and suffering of this tragedy is still not over, soliciting the question, how can these victims be adequately compensated?

The victims of the Bourke Street car attack have not only been subject to physical suffering. Numerous people involved in the incident have been left with psychological injuries, including PTSD, anxiety and depression. Injuries of this kind often go undetected by the victims making them not evident during the initial incident.

For those who were injured in the Bourke Street tragedy, compensation is available, however, the compensation payout process isn’t as simple as the average payout claim due to the location and nature of the incident. The two forms of compensation schemes that victims are eligible to apply for with regards to the Bourke Street tragedy are;

Transport Accident Commission (TAC), covering injuries sustained from the vehicle itself

Motor vehicle accident claim’s may be available through the TAC ‘no-fault’ scheme, allowing in some cases for compensation to be available to victims regardless of who caused the accident, covering both pedestrians and drivers.

TAC compensation claims should be made within 12 months of the accident occurring or the injuries surfacing.

WorkSafe, covering those who were on a work lunch break at the time of injury

For the victims who sustained an injury during work hours (lunch break included,) compensation could be available through the worker’s compensation scheme (monitored by WorkSafe.) Alike the TAC, WorkSafe claims also have time limits so ensure you inform your employer of the injuries you have sustained.

For information, go to: Compensation

Compensation may include the following;

  • A financial award for lost wages
  • Rehabilitation costs and medical expenses
  • Lump sum payout (for permanent injuries)

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