June 7, 2017

A flight from Sydney to Albury ended dramatically after passengers jumped out of the plane as it landed and running out on to the tarmac following what is thought to have been a bomb scare.

A passenger on the plane is thought to have left a threatening note inside the bathroom prior to landing. While the note is under investigation still it is thought to have been a bomb threat.

A passenger stated the plane doors were “ripped off” from the outside by authorities and passengers were told to leave their luggage and jump about 1.2 metres from the front exit onto the tarmac.

Cabin crew to told passengers to “get out and run, run, run” as soon as the plane landed.

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A male passenger from the 68-seater turboprop, was arrested by police.

When asked passengers stated that the man didnt resist arrest and was calm throughout the flight, getting up to use the bathroom once.

Virgin Australia has stated that there was never any danger to those on board.

A full search of the aircraft was conducted by local police and the plane cleared of any potential danger.

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