May 9, 2017

In a decision that makes it feel as though justice will prevail, a Federal Court has ruled that Allison Baden-Clay’s three daughters will finally receive the murdered Brisbane mother’s life insurance payout of $800,000-plus.

A brief hearing on Monday in Brisbane saw Justice Alfred Dowsett ruled the sum of Allison’s policies would be included under the control of her father, her estate’s executor and kept in a trust for her children.

Back in February the Brisbane Supreme Court ruled that because of his conviction, Gerard Baden-Clay had no legal rights to Ms Baden-Clay’s estate despite the fact that he was a beneficiary of her will.

Ms Baden-Clay’s parents, Priscilla and Geoffery Dickie made an uncontested application and took full control of their late daughters estate which includes her life insurance payout and superannuation an full care of her three daughters.

During the hearing Justice Peter Applegrath stated ‘Gerard Robert Baden-Clay is not entitled to obtain or receive any benefit that he would have otherwise obtained or received arising from the death of the deceased.’

However, the Federal Court was required to formally rule on whether the life insurance policies could be considered part of the $1 million estate.

Gerard Baden-Clay, had tried to claim Allison’s insurance policies shortly following the discovery of her body in Brisbane’s west in April 2012.

He was found guilty of her murder in July 2014 and sentenced to life in prison with a non-parole period of 15 years.

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