January 10, 2014

Saudi Arabian Airlines international flight SV-2841 from Mashad, Iran with 299 passengers and 16 crew sustained a gear-up landing on Sunday resulting in serious injuries.
The crew of the Boeing 767-300 aircraft received an unsafe indication for the right-hand main gear on approach to Madinah in Saudi Arabia and conducted holding manoeuvres to resolve the problem.

When no solution was found, the aircraft made a low approach to the airport. The aircraft positioned after two attempts and  made  gear up landing coming to rest on its left main and nose gear and right hand engine.

29 passengers received injuries in the subsequent evacuation, 11 of them were taken to hospitals, others were treated on scene.

Saudi Arabia’s Civil Aviation Authority (GACA) reported there had been a technical problem with the right hand main gear forcing the crew to land without the right-hand main gear extended. The injuries were said to be as a result of passengers pushing each other during the evacuation.

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