October 12, 2013

A DHC-6 Twin Otter 310, operated by MASwings, sustained substantial damage on Thursday in an accident at Kudat Airport Malaysia.

Domestic flight MH-3002 was from Kota Kinabalu Airport (BKI) to Kudat. The co-pilot and one passenger died, four others were injured. The aircraft overshot the runway on landing and ploughed into a house at nearby Kampung Sin-San.

15 passengers were injured, 6 of them requiring acute medical attention.

The impact, which tore off the right-wing of the aircraft, was 165 m to the right of the extended centreline of runway 22. The crew appears to have attempted to land the aircraft at a speed and from a height from which a safe landing could not be assured. They failed to align the aircraft with the centreline of the runway and so as to land within a safe distance from the runway threshold.

The aeroplane struck the side of a house located 165 m to the right of the runway 22 centreline. The right-wing broke off and the nose section was destroyed as a result of the accident. A woman and her 11-year old son who were in the living room at the time escaped unhurt when the aircraft crashed into the bedroom, dining hall and porch.

Investigators have interviewed all parties and all facts have been ascertained.

MASwings has issued statements to stakeholders and legal proceedings are expected.

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