March 18, 2016

Being involved in a car accident is never a pleasant experience. Even minor accidents can leave you extremely rattled and you may find it difficult to calm down.

Here’s what to do once you get a hold of yourself:

    1. Move somewhere safe and out of the path of oncoming traffic
    2. Assess yourself and others for injuries. Dial 000 to notify authorities of the crash if you think there is significant property damage or someone is injured
    3. Exchange necessary details with the other driver/s, including names, phone numbers, addresses, registration details, license numbers, and insurance company details
    4. Take care in signing tow truck authorisations
    5. Take photos with your phone of the accident scene, damage to your car and other cars, and registration numbers
    6. Contact your insurer, and remember not to admit fault
    7. Decide on a repairer in consultation with your insurer
    8. Gather the information and speak to a lawyer about whether accident or disability insurance cover applies
    9. If in doubt call Carter Capner on 1300 LAW LAW

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