March 29, 2016 | 6,583 views7 Misunderstood QLD Road Rules

With road rules being constantly amended and the more underused ones being mistaken or forgotten, it can be hard to keep up with all the rules in the sunshine state. Refresh your knowledge with our list of the most misunderstood road rules

road rules

  1. Amber lights

The amber lights mean to slow down and stop if it is safe to do so. Many drivers tend to speed up at yellow traffic lights.

  1. Distance

Drivers must leave a 3 second gap between vehicles in front of them. When pulling up to stop behind another vehicle, a good rule of thumb is to always leave enough of a gap that you can see the bottom of the car in front’s back tyres.

  1. Indicating in a roundabout

It seems that many are unaware (or can’t be bothered) to indicate left every time you exit a roundabout. When entering a roundabout you should indicate right if turning right and left if turning left. If you’re going straight, you don’t need to indicate when entering a roundabout.

  1. School Zones

School zone speeds, 40km/h and under, apply even on pupil free days.

  1. Post boxes

Drivers must not stop within three metres of a public post box otherwise they will be fined, unless briefly dropping mail or dropping/picking up passengers.

  1. Animals

When driving with pets they must not sit on your lap and must be restrained. Also drivers must give way to horses if the person handling the horse raises their hand, signalling that the horse is difficult to control. In this scenario the driver must pull over to the far left hand side of the road, turn off the engine, and keep the car off until the horse is a good distance away so as to not startle it.

  1. Horns

Using horns in frustration during traffic, or even to say goodbye to friends is not allowed. Horns are only meant warn others on the road.

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9 Responses

  1. jaime Lampreia Mar 30, 2016 — Reply

    When entering the freeway or when driving in the freeway the sign ( Give Way ) is visible to both motorists. Could that be a court case debatable ?> I have experienced drivers entering the freeway and not giving way. If this comment is ignored so help me God.

  2. Stan Griffiths Mar 30, 2016 — Reply

    You have shown 3 cars at a T intersection, but no answer to has the right of way, I picked ‘C’ am I right ?

    • Julia Wighton Apr 01, 2016 — Reply

      Yes that’s right! The correct order is C, A, B, D. You can check our comment below for the explanation.

  3. Calvin Mar 31, 2016 — Reply

    My experience on Qld roads:
    1: If it has just turned red you can still go through it
    2: Leave a full car length gap when pulling up behind another vehicle….or for some fromthe line
    3: For those that use indicators only Indicate right when entering the roundabout and leave it blinking when exiting to the left
    4: slow to 40km on weekends and school holidays as well and then continue driving 20% below set speed limit…. although I didnt know about pupil free days… unsure why the speed limit applies then as there are no school children at school

  4. Wayne Mar 31, 2016 — Reply

    A C B. A is going straight a head all others cars give way to them. So C is turning right and A is on there right so they have to give way to A and B has to give way to all cars as they are at a give way sign.

  5. Dave Mar 31, 2016 — Reply

    The answer to the give way above is C A B.
    C has the right of way as it is not turning (Look at the road lines, it’s a corner but not an intersection).
    A is turning across Cs path so must give way to C. (Once again, look at the lines).
    B has a give way sign and so must give way to all approaching traffic.

    Perhaps you should add some more misunderstood rules, such as use of phones, merging, other right of way situations.

    • Anonymous Apr 01, 2016 — Reply

      Your the reason accidents happen

      • Tone Apr 01, 2016 — Reply

        Why? Because Dave is one of the few that actually knows and understands the rules and most others are wrong.

  6. Julia Wighton Apr 01, 2016 — Reply

    Answer time! The correct order is C, A, B, D.
    Vehicle C would go first, vehicle A second, vehicle B third, and vehicle D last. Vehicles B and D are facing a give way sign; when a driver faces a give way sign at an intersection they must give way to all other vehicles entering or approaching the intersection. Vehicles B and D must give way to vehicles A and C. Vehicle A is travelling on the terminating road at a T-intersection (the continuing road marked with broken white lines goes around the corner);a driver travelling on the terminating road at a T-intersection must give way to all vehicles on the continuing road (except those performing a U-turn). Vehicle A must give way to vehicle C.

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