Potato Farm on Badgingarra Road, Dandaragan

Incident Type

Leg Trapped in Potato Harvester

Affected Individual

Joshua Mcallan

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Joshua Mcallan, a farm worker and father of four from Dandaragan in WA’s Wheatbelt region, faced a harrowing ordeal as he got his leg ensnared in a potato harvester. Following the incident, he was airlifted to Royal Perth Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery.

Details of the Incident

The accident occurred on a potato farm located on Badgingarra Road, Dandaragan. On that fateful Wednesday, just after 10 am, emergency services were alerted. The potato harvester, which was being tugged by a tractor, became a trap for Mr. Mcallan’s leg.

Quick intervention by a co-worker, who immediately halted the tractor after noticing Joshua’s predicament, played a pivotal role in minimizing the injury. Samantha Porter, Joshua’s partner, praised the worker’s prompt action, stating that it not only saved Joshua’s leg but perhaps his life too. The severity of the injury would have escalated had the tractor not been turned off promptly.

Recovery and Warning

According to Samantha Porter, Joshua is on the path to recovery, with more surgery slated for his upper thigh’s muscle. The recovery timeline is estimated to vary between six weeks and six months. Emphasizing the dangers inherent in the farming sector, Ms. Porter cautioned other workers. She mentioned how routine and repetitive tasks can occasionally lead to lapses in concentration, which can have dire consequences.

Rescue and Investigations

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services relayed that a specialized heavy rescue team was deployed to free Mr. Mcallan from the machinery. Subsequent to his rescue, a helicopter transported him to Royal Perth Hospital. WorkSafe investigators are currently examining the scene to comprehend the events leading to the accident.

Adding to the region’s recent tragic events, this incident occurred shortly after another where a worker lost her life at a farm in Regans Ford, close to Dandaragan. Emma Varis, 22, faced a tragic end while herding cattle due to a quad bike rollover. The inquiry into this event is still in progress.

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