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Worker's leg amputated following crush injury



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A serious workplace accident at Visy Board in Sydney resulted in a worker having his leg amputated below the knee. The packaging company has been fined $375,000 for failing to mitigate known risks at its Smithfield site.

Incident Details

In June 2020, the worker’s left ankle was crushed by a trolley car that he inadvertently walked into while it moved along a conveyor. The severity of the injury led to multiple surgeries, and due to subsequent infections, the decision was made to amputate his leg below the knee.

Company’s Oversight and Legal Outcome

A risk assessment conducted six months prior to the incident had already identified the potential for “crush/pinch points” between the trolley car and conveyor corners. Despite recognizing the risks as “unacceptable,” Visy failed to implement any of the suggested measures to mitigate these risks, leading to this preventable tragedy.

Safety Authority’s Response

SafeWork NSW, which prosecuted the case, criticized Visy for its inaction despite clear indications of the risks. Trent Curtin, head of SafeWork NSW, emphasized the need for workplaces to ensure that mobile plant operations do not endanger human lives by keeping pedestrian and vehicle paths separate.

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