The Elastomers


Worker fatally injured by machinery


$450,000 with conviction

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The Elastomers, a rubber manufacturing company in Melbourne’s southeast, has been fined $450,000 for failing to maintain a safe working environment, resulting in the tragic death of an employee, Jawad Mohammadi, in 2021.

Details of the Incident

Jawad Mohammadi was attempting to clear a jam in a machine on the production line when he entered the designated danger zone. Unseen by his co-worker, the machine was restarted, striking Mohammadi in the head and causing fatal injuries.

Legal Proceedings and Outcome

Following an investigation by WorkSafe, The Elastomers was charged and subsequently pleaded guilty to failing to provide and maintain a safe working environment. The company was fined $450,000 by Melbourne’s County Court, where Judge Peter Rozen highlighted the preventable nature of the accident and the company’s significant moral culpability.

Company’s Response and Measures Post-Incident

Post-incident, The Elastomers took corrective actions to improve safety measures and ensure compliance with occupational health and safety standards. The court recognized the company’s efforts to rectify the safety issues and its cooperation throughout the legal process.

Judicial Commentary

Judge Rozen emphasized that the fine imposed could not compensate for the loss of life and the impact on Mohammadi’s family, acknowledging the company’s previous good corporate character but stressing the need for continuous safety vigilance.

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